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Alterations & Repairs

From too short jacket sleeves to a waist line that bunches to a broken zipper, ill-fitting and broken clothing is not an inconvenience, it can also be unflattering. However, with the help of an expert tailor or seamstress, you can easily make that piece of clothing that you are just dying to wear, whether it is an old, beloved piece or one that you fell in love with at first sight and just had to have, fit perfectly and look great.

At Alpine Dry Cleaners, we know that having clean clothes is just one part of the process of maintaining your wardrobe and looking great. Having clothing that fits to your proportions, rather than trying to make yourself fit to it, is critical to both looking your best and feeling comfortable in your clothes. With our expert alteration and repair skills, we can fit your clothing to you and make sure any missing buttons are replaced, broken zippers are fixed, and any other necessary repairs that you need are completed.

And, because we pride ourselves on providing the very best in customer service, you’ll feel completely at ease leaving your important garments in our professionals’ hands.