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Over several decades, our expert cleaning team at Alpine Dry Cleaners has been making sure people in the Longview area not only have professionally cleaned clothes, but also helping them keep their household fabrics in the best shape possible. In particular, our professional dry cleaners have the experience and skills to expertly handle your drapes, maintaining their new look and repairing any damage that occurs.

When you have draperies in your home, they likely help pull a room together or even make a bold impression on guests. At Alpine Dry Cleaners, we know this and understand how important keeping your drapes well-maintained is. Regardless of what fabric your drapes are, we can take care of them. By carefully choosing the proper process to clean any stains and handle the particular fabric your drapes are made of, we make sure your draperies are well taken care of.

By leaving your draperies in our hands, you can count on meticulous care that will keep your drapes – and home – looking presentable and beautiful.