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Leather & Suede

Treating every one of your garments and clothing items the same when cleaning them is a major mistake. At Alpine Dry Cleaners, our experts in leather and suede care know that any clothing or other items made from these materials need special care and handling to be properly cleaned and cared for, otherwise irreparable damage might occur.

From leather jackets to suede shirts to shoes, if you have any leather or suede items that need professional cleaning, our cleaning specialists have the skills, training, and experience to expertly handle your leather and suede. In fact, with our services and help, you may be able to get that stubborn stain out or make your leather look as if you just bought it.

Similar to our services for dry cleaning and restoration of other items, we offer free pickup and delivery services, making your life easier to manage when you need to get leather or suede items cleaned and repaired. Make sure you don’t lose the leather and suede garments and items that you love to careless care by taking them to Alpine Dry Cleaners.