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Wedding Gown Preservation

As a bride, your wedding gown is likely one of the most important garments you own. At Alpine Dry Cleaners, our expert dry cleaning and clothing preservationists know that your wedding gown does not lose its importance simply because your wedding is over; your wedding dress holds memories and significance in your life and marriage. And, because we understand this, we also know that keeping your wedding dress in perfect condition is critical.

Whether you want to preserve your wedding dress as a memory of one of your most important days or for a future child to wear, our experts can help. From removing stains that can cause unsightly discolorations over time to preserving delicate embroidery, beading, and other detail work on your dress, we handle your wedding gown with the care it deserves.

Call 903-758-7750 today to talk with our friendly and proficient wedding gown preservation team at Alpine Dry Cleaners. Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge allow us to make sure your wedding dress will stand up to the test of time.